Acadia Agreement Manager

Laura Craft – 44 20 3954 0196 ABOUT ACADIASOFT AcadiaSoft, Inc. is the leading provider of risk management and collateral services for the non-Correzian derivatives community. AcadiaPlus is a next-generation open platform that provides the Sell-Side, fund administrators and buy-side with special applications and a third-party partner ecosystem for direct processing of the entire lifecycle of risk reduction. With the support of 16 major industry and market infrastructure players, AcadiaSoft is used by a community of more than 1,100 companies that trade approximately $700 billion in warranties daily through their margin automation services. AcadiaSoft is headquartered in Norwell, MA, with offices in London, New York and Tokyo. For more information, see Follow us on Twitter: and LinkedIn: AcadiaSoft already owns more than 50% of all industry-wide VM (CSAs) credit support contracts and nearly 100% of all CSAs in the industry on its MarginSphere platform. Creating a golden source copy of contract data and facilitating data transmission through a standard model have the potential to create a smooth integration process and improve the quality of information available for warranty optimization, risk management and collateral services, as well as for business evaluation and innovation services. With intelligent technology, AgreementManager learns the physical representation of written legal and operational data in several types of contracts, and then converts them into standardized digital datasets. The bilateral data exchange between IHS Markit and AcadiaSoft will bring together and automate the know-how of both companies, as well as the technology platforms that support the data sources of the margin process. The main contractual terms of the deposit and deposit agreements generated by IHS Markit will be forwarded to the AcadiaSoft Agreement Manager, and the risk sensitivities calculated by IHS Markit will provide electricity to the Initial Margin Exposure Manager, which is part of the AcadiaSoft Hub. In return, AcadiaSoft`s margin voting data is passed on to users of IHS Markit`s initial margin calculation and collateral management services.

A new AcadiaSoft Hub service, Agreement Manager, will cross-check, store and exchange the new ISDA (VM) and initial (IM) variants as well as account management agreements between business partners and custodians. The agreement manager will also harmonize the legal data of contracts shared between the parties to reduce integration points and ensure the interoperability of trading partners, custodians, document management providers and online trading providers. You agree, share and manage contract templates generated by the user community and its customers. Use the models with the confidence that they use best practices and market standards. „Last March`s Big Bang Go-Live VM highlighted two major weaknesses in the industry,“ says Richard Barton, Product Manager at AcadiaSoft Agreement Manager. „On the one hand, it took too long to negotiate new legal agreements between companies and, on the other hand, it took too long to implement them operationally after the agreements were concluded. By storing data in the Hub and releasing it in a standardized way, AcadiaSoft supports customer optimization, supplier choice and the introduction of automated solutions across the market. Agreement Manager continues AcadiaSoft`s Hub approach to providing automated, interoperable solutions to the industry while allowing flexibility and choice.