Bulga Coal Enterprise Agreement

„The company agreements we negotiate at a number of our Hunter Valley coal companies retain workers` rights to representation and remuneration, which are well above the Australian average wage.“ Glencore`s track record of job creation and opportunity is unmatched in the Australian coal industry over the past decade. Open pit mining inside the Bulga Coal complex began in 1982, while underground mining did not begin until 1992. [2] Bulga Coal targets the Redbank, Wambo, Blakefield, Glen Munro and Woodlands Hill seams of the Whittingham coal operations. [4] The jobs to be carried out were Mangoola Open Cut, Ravensworth Open Cut, Ravensworth Coal Handling and Preparation Plant, Mount Owen Coal Handling Plant, Glendell Open Cut, Liddell Open Cut, Liddell Coal Plant, Bulga Open Cut and Bulga Underground Mine. A Glencore spokesman said each of the Hunter Valley coal sites has now reached an agreement with its employees for a new company agreement. „None of our EI proposals contain anything that has not already been accepted in agreements with other coal companies in Australia. After six months of conflict and negotiations, coal company Glencore and the miners` union settled their differences and signed a number of Hunter mining company agreements. „During this time, our company built the coal mines at Blakefield, Ulan West, Mangoola and Ravensworth North, which provided thousands of jobs in direct employment and indirectly supported thousands more.“ In total, employees at 13 different Glencore coal sites in NSW and Queensland voted in favour of new company deals this year,“ the spokesman said. This mine is a mixed open-pit and underground mine, which is ultimately owned by Glencore. However, underground mining ceased in 2018, although mining leases were maintained in case Glencore wanted to return to mining. In December 2014, Bulga Open Cut obtained permission to continue its activities until 2035. [2] From Sunday, the work stoppage includes workers from Bulga and Ulan underground, in addition to the five open-pit mines and a coal prefix that have already made two stops since the beginning of the conflict. Each of Glencore`s coal sites in the Hunter Valley has now reached an agreement with its employees.

We recommend that our coal mine workers (CMW) regularly visit this website to be informed of the progress of the agreement. Regarding Glencore`s recent announcement that it had signed an agreement with the new owners of Hunter Valley Operations (HVO), Yancoal Australia, to create a joint venture and glencore manage the mine, Jordan said the union and its HVO members were very concerned about the prospect of Glencore operating HVO. The battle continues between the mining union and the country`s largest coal producer, Glencore, with workers at eight of the company`s Hunter Valley facilities currently on four-day strike. „And don`t be surprised to make another deal with Yancoal in the future to manage Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW). Registered agreements are valid until terminated or issued. The Bulga Coal complex includes a day tree, a coal handling and processing plant and underground mines, including South Bulga, Beltana and Blakefield South. Since the closure of the underground mine in 2018, the total complex produces about 12 million tonnes of semi-soft coking coal and thermal coal, which are then transported by train to the port of Newcastle for export to China and Japan. [3] One glencore site that has not signed an agreement is the Oaky North underground mine at Bowen Basin in Queensland.

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