Calming So Everybody Is Chorusing Agreement

Chloe: Don`t you know your Shakespeare? It`s better to have loved and lost than to have never been on stage and to have made a complete man in front of everyone. Rachel: I felt angry and ruthless. Tired of living up to the perfect image that everyone expects of me. I told Chloe that if she didn`t approach me, I could do something crazy. Principal Wells: Ms. Price, the last time we met, an agreement was negotiated. Remember what it was? Chloe: It`s not like you signed a confidentiality agreement. You can be less discreet this time. Rachel winks at Chloe and grabs her bag and throws it into the back of the truck when Chloe opens the door for her. Rachel gets into the truck. . Chloe: Yes, I know.

It`s not really my thing. (Laughs) I hope it`s a show. Chloe: Of course. I believe the whole world is a simulation to make us complacent, while machines harvest our energy like a huge battery. I call this simulation „Sleepy Battery Planet“. . Drew: Come on! Mikey has nothing to do with it! Chloe and Skip descend on a sidewalk to the Blackwell Academy parking lot. Rachel is visibly angry, looking down and shaking her hands on the table.

Chloe: Just a good time with the Ambers. What could go wrong? Frank: Is it fair that he stole a wing from me? Rose: Don`t be long. In the meantime, maybe you can help me with the table, Chloe? Chloe: I hate doing that with Skip, but I have to go. Maybe if I make him uncomfortable, he will feel guilty and let me pass? Steph: I plan to take a step on Rachel, but not if you`re together. James: Excuse me?! Do you call me a hypocrite? Rachel: You don`t have to do that. It doesn`t matter. Oh, really. Frank: Trust me, Price.

If I ever have to break something, you won`t want to have anything to do with it. .