Clp Agreement Number

If the registration number of the substance has already been successfully claimed, the classification and labelling can be updated as a spontaneous update of the registration record. However, the most sought advantage by TLP is that all licenses arrive with the same serial number per product. This makes it much easier for the company to make available throughout the company. So if you just want to buy, bet and forget, the choice is obvious! For more information, see the Adobes data sheet on TLP. Yes, they were. Section 17, paragraph 1, point a) of CLP provides that the name, address and telephone number of the supplier or providers must be on the label. In addition, in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 4, a supplier must ensure that a hazardous substance or mixture is labelled and packaged in accordance with Titles III and IV of the CLP Regulation before being put on the market. After an update of the C-L notifications is transmitted, a new transmission number is associated with the notification, but the previously assigned reference number remains unchanged. If the transmission is successful (i.e. the transmission has passed the virus test, checked the format examination and the commercial rules), each reported substance receives a reference number.

Submission and reference numbers are available in your transmission report. The number of hazards on the label is not in principle limited, as they should normally reflect all hazard classifications of a substance or mixture. The only exception is obvious duplication or redundancy. The C-L public inventory provides several search options based on substance identity and classifications. If one is interested in a particular substance or group of substances, it may be searched using the name TOTAL or partially CE, the name contained in Schedule VI of the CLP Regulation, the name of IUPAC or the index numbers CE, CAS or Appendix VI, in whole or in part. In this program, there are no minimum licenses. However, once you have committed to a certain amount of license, you will have to pay the promised volume for the rest of the term. When an organization acquires more than 10 licenses, it becomes a member of the VIP selection and receives discounts on future purchases during the term of the contract. VIP Select members` affiliates and affiliates can also benefit from the discount.

The agreement is renewed each year, but members selected by VIP have the opportunity to sign a 3-year contract with a predetermined annual price, ideal for budget predictability.