Deloitte Non Disclosure Agreement

Jenkins, who also extended the deadline for filing the investigation by a month until February 28, asked companies last month to authorize a limited waiver of confidentiality agreements (NDA) so that parties to such an agreement could contribute to the investigation. Cees de Boer Deloitte Global Chief Data Security and Confidentiality Leader 7.1 We process personal data in accordance with the data protection law and privacy policy available in Disclosure Act means Rule 3501 (c) (i) of the 2005-014 version of the PCAOB or the U.S. Internal Income Code sections 6011 and 6111 and related guidelines for the Internal Revenue Service, or equivalent laws, laws or guidelines in a relevant legal area regarding the disclosure of tax advice that applies to you or any tax advice we may give you. David Mahon Deloitte Global Chief Information Security Officer (b) if this third party has signed an agreement with us that he can count on our work; or (b) any other person acceptable to us, with our consent, but only if that person has previously executed an agreement that we have entered into. We appreciate your feedback. Our goal is to obtain a regular evaluation of our performance formally or informally. If you wish to file a complaint, please consult the Complaint Management Directive under or write to the complaint manager at EY and KPMG have split up with their competitors to become the first major consultants to waive confidentiality agreements that allow current and former employees to submit to a national workplace sexual harassment investigation. 20.1 This agreement is the whole agreement between us for services. It replaces all communications, negotiations, agreements and prior agreements, either orally or in writing, between us with respect to their purpose.

With respect to tax advice and in accordance with the Disclosure Act, it is recognized and it is agreed that nothing in this agreement should be construed as a restriction or limitation of your disclosure of tax advice. It is also clear that none of your other advisors have imposed or imposed confidentiality conditions regarding tax advice. Copies of a tax advice made available to others are based on the fact that these beneficiaries should not rely on such tax advice and that we do not owe their duty of care or responsibility, nor to any other person who will receive it at a later date.