Eft Service Agreement

Your termination or termination of our electronic services does not terminate your accounts or contracts with us and does not interfere with your obligations under this Agreement, or to an account or other agreement you have with us, or to your obligations for transfers and payments made prior to cancellation or termination. Unavailability of service You understand and accept that the mobile deposit service may be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance of the Union credit system or technical difficulties, including the Internet service provider and Internet software. In the event that the mobile deposit service is interrupted or otherwise available, you recognize that you can deposit original cheques in person at a Credit Union branch, at an ATM or by U.S. E.G. E.U. mail. It is your responsibility to verify that items filed with the mobile deposit service have been received by us and accepted for deposit. However, we will notify you by email of items that will be rejected the business day following the refusal. Get account usage information for your primary savings or current accounts.

Some of these services may not be available in all terminals. We reserve the right to suspend or suspend all or part of your access to electronic services at any time and for any reason. Electronic services may be suspended without notice if there are not enough resources on one of your accounts or if you are considered a non-member who is not in good condition, as defined in our policy for the behaviour and limitation of our members` services. After the suspension, electronic services can be reintroduced at our discretion as soon as there is sufficient funds in your accounts to cover the costs and other transfers and debits. If there is an error or questions about the Home Deposit ServiceIf an error occurs during a home filing session or if you have omitted an item from your deposit envelope, or you have a question about a deposit you made through the Home Deposit Service, please call F-A Federal Credit Union at 800-222 1226. If you inform the Credit Union that you have mailed one or more deposit items deposited through the Home Deposit Service, and the Credit Union finds that your deposit envelope is lost in the mail or that there is no deposit item in your deposit envelope, you may need to require the original cheque manufacturer to hand over the cheques to you to process the deposit. We offer a variety of electronic transfer (EFT) services for deposit accounts.