Filming Location Agreement Template

Before you start looking for locations, think about which cities are the best hosts in your movie, as some regions offer tax or discount incentives. In Southern California, Riverside County offers free permissions and even allows free rotations on county land. In Santa Monica, you can take photos on private property without permission, as long as you have the owner`s permission. „Are you planning to shoot for a film project? Download this sharing template to be reassured. During production, you may need to change the location (e.g.B. paint walls, hang pictures, etc.). Whether or not the location owner notices your changes, you need to get permission to make those changes and change things at the expense of production. So what should you do now? If you need a location authorization, contact a production lawyer to set one up for you. Some filming locations may be beautiful, but if the transportation or accommodation costs are too high, you may need to pass them on. Indemnification: Indemnification is a promise to cover the losses of another party. Location agreements sometimes contain the obligation to release the owner from certain types of rights and damages. Suppose there is a broken staircase on the property and someone is injured while you shoot.

If you promised to exempt the owner of the property from third-party claims, you may find yourself on the hook if the aggrieved person sues the owner of the real estate for negligence. If the property owner insists on a compensation provision, you should add an exception, also known as a „carve-out,“ for claims resulting from their own negligence or intentional fault on the part of the owner. If you have little time, you or your Local Scout can bring copies of your sharing form for the location agreement. If you have found a location that you will like, have the owner sign the release of the settlement agreement directly on site. Define exactly what and when the production must compensate the site owner for the use of the site. Just like AirBnb, users can find verified filming locations or list their own. It defines when and for how long the owner of the production allows access to his goods. Press here as long as possible. If you haven`t done tech scouting yet, you should do so before securing the location.

You don`t want to sign papers and move forward until you know that the location of your team and production is working. It identifies both the location and the filming project. Be sure to indicate the name of the location (if available) and the full address – here nothing vague. If necessary, add a note where you have permission to film inside the accommodation, a necessity if you can only access certain areas. Third Party Intellectual Property: Location agreements may cover third party intellectual property (i.e. not owned by the owner of the property) that may appear in your records. For example, if a painting you are filming on is displayed, you may need to get permission from the owner of that painting to include it in your movie. If you`re working on a tight budget, you`re more likely to secure the location for free if you`re creative with a pay (for example.

B meal, credit or if it`s a deal, a scream on their website or social networks). You can either hire a location scout or go out on your own. .