Gm Vehicle Purchase Customer-Dealer Agreement And Pricing Sheet

Participants must pass on their authorization number with a copy of their driver`s license, with the published license number, to a participating GM distributor for purchase or rental under the program. If the dealer you are visiting is not ready to sell you a vehicle through the program, you can visit another GM dealer. The participation of traders is voluntary. Authorization numbers are valid for 90 days for the purchase or rental of a vehicle authorized at the price of the program. To see a list of eligible vehicles, please visit and choose „Vehicles“ on the homepage. Some models may be limited. Vehicle authorization may change at any time without notice. Participants must be allowed to participate throughout the purchase process, i.e. the day the vehicle is delivered. When a vehicle is purchased or leased under the program with cash or a loan, the property must be retained for at least six (6) months from the date of delivery of the vehicle. Vehicles purchased under the program must be registered, with a license, title, insurance and ownership of the participant.

Vehicles may be registered, licensed, titled, insured and/or held by the participant on behalf of the participant and on behalf of the spouse. Vehicles can also be named after a living foundation bearing the participant`s name. If one of these conditions is not met, unless state law does not permit it, the vehicle cannot be co-titled on behalf of an unauthorized person. General Motors` brands, its divisions, slogans, emblems, vehicle model names, body constructions and other trademarks in this document are the trademarks and/or service marks of General Motors, its subsidiaries, subsidiaries, related companies or licensees. ©2018 General Motors. Tie up your seatbelts, America! GM reserves the right to change conservation rules at any time. The retention times of some vehicles may differ from the retention period mentioned in previous versions of the rules and guidelines. Participants may not solicit or accept money or rebates from dealers, other individuals or other businesses, except for GM-sponsored incentives, for the sale of vehicles under the program. At no time should a participant accept payments or other counterparties from merchants for recommendations. Participants may accept incentives of up to $50 face value, provided the incentives are available to the general public and are not exempt.

B cash, like a first free scratch. This prohibition does not apply to filling the tank when it is presented by the distributor at the time of delivery. The program does not constitute an agreement between GM and The Participant to purchase/lease a vehicle at a specified price. However, by purchasing a vehicle through the program, the participant recognizes the program`s rules and policies and agrees to follow the same program rules and guidelines. By purchasing or leasing a vehicle through the program, the participant recognizes these rules and policies and agrees to abide by them. A vehicle purchased/leased under the program must be used for personal and non-commercial use/transportation of the participant. It is prohibited under the program to purchase and register/securitize a vehicle and hand it over to another person for part or all of the required retention period. In addition, it is prohibited under the program to buy/sell a vehicle for commercial purposes or to securitize it.

The sale of authorization numbers for the vehicle purchase program or any other unauthorized use of these numbers is prohibited. Participants (as defined in the Participation Authorization section) who violate this provision are suspended from the program for five (5) years per violation and must repay the incentive funds.