International Agreements Related To Trademarks

Madrid`s international trademark registration system provides for a uniform procedure for registering a trademark in several territories. In short, you benefit from an application in a language paid for in a currency. The Nice classification is an international classification system for goods and services managed by WIPO. It was defined by the Nice agreement. The WIPO Lex database is a comprehensive search tool that allows you to browse international treaties and national intellectual property laws. International registration allows trademark holders to register their trademarks in several (contracting) countries with a single and unique notification, through a centralized filing system managed by WIPO International Bureau. WIPO verifies formal requirements, including the accuracy of the specification of goods and services and the corresponding payment of royalties, and directs international registration to selected countries. The Intellectual Property Office of each designated country then has 12 or 18 months (in accordance with the Madrid protocol) to grant or deny protection at the time of international registration and notify the trademark holder of its decision. Fixed review times make the review process predictable and, in some cases, less time-consuming.

Lisbon`s international registration system protects these products with a single registration. The Madrid system is an international trademark registration system. It offers the ability to simultaneously seek protection for a trademark in a large number of jurisdictions. The system is governed by two separate international treaties, the Madrid Agreement (agreement) and the Madrid Protocol (protocol). The agreement provides that nationals of any signatory can ensure the protection of their trademark registered in the country of origin in all other states parties to the convention. The protocol provides that nationals of any signatory can obtain protection in countries and legal systems that are parties to the protocol, on the basis of a pending application or registration in the country or jurisdiction of origin. From an excursion to the mall until an hour in front of the television, we meet brands on every street corner. You are an indispensable tool in today`s business world. The Standing Committee on Trademark, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (SCT) is the forum where WIPO Member States discuss political and legal issues related to the international development of trademark law and standards. Our Global Brand database provides easy access to more than 28 million records from several international and national sources, including trademarks registered through WIPO`s Madrid system. Use the database to search for official trademarks, appellations of origin and emblems. Like other intellectual property rights, trademark rights as a whole are considered different in each country or jurisdiction in which they are acquired.