Qcc Transfer Agreements

No no. Articulation agreements are most valuable in disciplines where discrepancies may arise regarding sequencing or course conditions. Formal agreements are less important for programs such as liberal arts, which lead to many different academic disciplines. MassTransfer is a national network of agreements between Massachusetts Community Colleges, Massachusetts State Universities and University of Massachusetts campuses. Educating students about transfer opportunities through collaboration with academies and councils and a series of sessions and information initiatives The Transfer Resource Center works with current students at Queensborough Community College to help them prepare for the transition to four-year colleges. Transfer to a four-year university requires you to complete a transfer application. Below are the details of the transfer to CUNY, SUNY and Private Colleges. A transfer agreement is a formal agreement between two or more higher education institutions and universities. This agreement outlines the rules for transferring a program or degree intended to support a smooth transfer for students.

Queensborough Community College (QCC) has four-year transfer agreements with CUNY, SUNY and private colleges or universities. Students moving to a 4-year CUNY college should contact the local admissions office to tell them that you have completed your graduation studies for your Associate Degree. Make a decision about which school you want to move to. .