Ro Lease Agreement

The registration of a representation (RO) also requires the rental contract and a copy of the CPO. Creating representation for foreign companies in China requires special attention in choosing an appropriate premise for the registration of the AIC. Since an OR is not technically a Chinese company, but is an extended arm of the overseas parent company in China, the local AIC will generally conduct a more thorough review of its head office and will have specific requirements for ro registration. Detailed rules vary by region. In addition, the land use rights certificate and/or lease for the operation should normally be submitted upon request in both scenarios. At the same time, you are required to allow the owner to check the place at regular intervals. He/she will also be able to bring visitors who wish to buy or rent the house when the contract expires. In other words, your obligations are the obligations mentioned in compliance with the terms of the lease agreement that was concluded between you and the owner. The contract should include the identity of the parties, information regarding the location of the property, the rights and obligations of the parties and the terms of termination of the lease. It is not mandatory to have it approved by a notary or a lawyer, but in all cases we strongly advise you to have the contract in writing, and not just on the basis of an oral agreement. It will be very useful if something goes wrong, such as the landlord who does not make the necessary repairs or tries to terminate your lease before the agreed duration.

Depending on the case, you can include or exclude other details in the rental agreement. This is extremely important because it guarantees the rights of the tenant and imposes related obligations. Most cities now have a large number of grade A buildings, with prices that are most often driven by their location. According to Knight Frank`s latest China Property Market Report, Class A office rents in first-class cities remained stable in the fourth quarter of 2013. In Shanghai, average rents for Grade A buildings increased through the end of 2013 to RMB278.1 per square metre per month. Grade A office rents in Beijing fell slightly in the fourth quarter due to the abundance of supply, but still reached RMB381.5 per square metre per month. Meanwhile, the rent for A grades in Guangzhou was RMB176.1 per square metre per month. One of the most common rental problems that clients call us, in addition to helping with the development of the rental agreement itself, is the question of what to do if something is damaged in the apartment. Who is responsible for the repair, the tenant or the landlord? SHANGHAI – To register a company invested abroad (FIE) or a representative (RO) in China, owning or renting an office (as head office) is a prerequisite. The National Administration of Industry and Trade (AIC) requires proof of a place of business for the registration of all FIEs. Therefore, the FIE must have all legal documents relating to the premise requested by the Chinese government.

In addition to the rights mentioned above, there are certain obligations that you must respect. The most important is the payment of the rent, which must be fixed in advance in the amount and duration by the tenancy agreement. If this is not indicated in the voucher, the payment will be made in accordance with your usages. First of all, you have the right to receive the property agreed with all the accessories mentioned in the rental agreement.