S278 Agreement Hampshire

If you need help with Section 278 agreements, send an email roadagreements@hants.gov.uk If this information is not provided, it will be difficult to find the corresponding agreement and Hampshire County Council may contact you to request this information. This could result in a delay in the provision of contractual copies. If the agreement was discovered by a land debt search, these details should be included in the search result. Motorway agreements identified when seeking basic charges should include the names of the parties concerned (signatories). 1. the written confirmation of Ms. McCormick [now McCart], to which reference was made in her authorization email to Mr. Upton of 22.01.14, 2. all documents on which this authorization/confirmation was based beyond it; in the application of the condition of 11.09.13 [as indicated above] 3.

all road safety audits carried out by the pedestrian/bicycle/emergency access authorised at [and the outcome] of this development, (4) any correspondence with EHDC, the applicant and/or NHBC [the `Building Control Centre` on the permanent pedestrian/bicycle/emergency access from the exit of 04. 04.14. 5. any consultation with the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service on this development and 6th s278 contract documents not signed by Hampshire County Council, such as. B planning documents and other three-party agreements. Motorway agreements shall be registered with the district, district or municipal council concerned and, where appropriate, made public as part of the cadastre search. If possible, download the search or excerpt referring to agreements, as this will also help us find the corresponding agreement. The target response time is 15 business days. If it is necessary to obtain clarification from the applicant on the details of the motorway agreement(s), it may take longer for the copy to be made available. Developers and landowners enter into motorway agreements on motorway works related to new developments. The licences provided for in Article 278 or an agreement under Article 278 shall apply to access to a vehicle more than 10 metres wide, bells, the movement of street furniture, ravines or larger systems. On 28 May 2013, `Highways Area Surveyor – Petersfield` made the following observations in the context of the consultation on the corresponding application `Reserved questions` 52501/002 and on the basis of the applicant`s drawing 1311-PS-01 (blockplan)`.

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