Usd497 Master Agreement

The $1.9 million package is a 2.4 percent increase in teacher compensation over the 2018-19 deal, said David Cunningham, executive director of human resources for the school district. The overall package of $1.9 million in the deal exceeds the available resources that the Lawrence Governing Board currently has for teacher compensation, Kathy Johnson, executive director of finance for the school district, told Journal-World on Monday. The borough uses the salary plan to measure the borough`s wage competitiveness with surrounding districts for established career faculty, Cunningham said. For example, a Professor Lawrence with 20 years of experience, graduating 10 hours beyond a master`s degree, would receive a salary of $US 55,090. A teacher with the same experience and training would receive US$53,900 in the Topeka School District and US$65,761 $US in the Shawnee Mission. Megan Epperson, co-negotiator for the Lawrence Education Association, told the Journal-World on Monday that the preliminary agreement will now be given to union members and the Lawrence School Board, both of whom will consider voting on whether the agreement should be ratified. The school authority will receive a report on the preliminary agreement at the Aug. 12 meeting, she said. The Lawrence School District and the local teachers` union have reached a preliminary agreement that increases teachers` salaries by just over $US 1.9 million. In addition to salary increases, the agreement provides for increases in the funding of health insurance premiums.