Usps-Nrlca National Agreement

The NRLCA National Board believes that this is a fair and reasonable agreement, which is in the interest of the 131,000 hard-working rural factors across the country, which ensure a substantial increase in wages and performance for all rural airline classifications. In 1906, national airlines were granted six national holidays. Christmas was not one of them and did not become a public holiday for rural organizations until 1923. In 1924, a special association committee visited Washington, D.C., to advocate for equipment maintenance assistance (EMA). The following year, it became law. In 1928, the NRLCA introduced term limits for its officers, and in 1932 the term limits were lifted. In 1941, the rationing of tires and gasoline during the Second World War concerned rural organisms. NRLCA President Walker has obtained some exceptions to rationing for rural companies. In 1946, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) expressed interest in the inclusion of RFD in its union. In 1947, the NRLCA refused. In 2007, the statutes were removed from the NRLCA Constitution and each state was ordered by the National Bureau to do the same with its state constitutions.

The NRLCA simply enshrined the existing statutes in the Constitution. As a result, the NRLCA`s existing constitution has been reissued. In 2011, the NRLCA ratified a national steward system. [10] The NRLCA negotiates all employment contracts of rural organizations by mail, including wages. Rural airlines are considered bargaining units within the USPS. This means that there is a contract between the Post Office and the NRLCA. Only the NRLCA can represent members of rural crafts in the appeal process, including protection in the event of disciplinary action. [11] What is new is being used for timely dissemination of information on late developments, which have a considerable impact on factors in rural areas. Examples of such information could be, but not limited to, a national arbitration award, a national pre-arbitration regime, the filing of a national complaint, an adaptation of the EMA or an adaptation of the COLA. In addition, the agreement provides a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of a study on standards for rural organisms. On April 25, 2016, President Jeanette Dwyer met with General Megan Brennan, a postmaster, and other post office officials at USPS headquarters to sign a new national agreement that is expected to run until 2018. This is the first agreement negotiated between the Post Office and the NRLCA in more than 20 years not to go into arbitration.

NRLCA members ratified the agreement in April with 83% of the votes cast. We summarized the main features of the contract in the NALC Bulletin, which is sent to stations and offices across the country. Full details of the interim agreement, as well as the forward-looking pay schedules, other contractual changes and information relating to the new Declarations of Intent (MOUs), will be presented in the December issue of The Postal Record.